Software Development

We strive to build cost effective business solutions that make your business more efficient, more competitive, maybe even more visible, but definitely more successful.

  • Web Design and Application development
  • Windows Desktop Applications
  • Database development, Integration, and Reporting

Web Design and Application development

We do application development for the Web – from complete web design and programming, to adding new features and freshening the look of existing sites.  Is your site ready for the exploding use of mobile and tablet devices?  If not, we can help you with the latest “adaptive” designs or customize mobile specific templates and apps. Our easy and effective design process allows our customers to be involved and approve every step of the way.

Windows Desktop Development

We also do applications for Windows desktop.  From Line of Business applications that are the heart of your operation, to smaller applications that improve efficiency or automate time wasting tasks.  With Windows 8 and Metro style changes, it is time for many businesses to upgrade their applications in order to take advantage of the latest technologies.   Let us take a look at your current situation and suggest recommendations that will improve your bottom line.

Database Design, Integration, and Reporting

We also do a lot of work with databases.  Most applications we build for either the Web or Desktop are hooked into some kind of data storage facility, commonly Microsofts SQL Server or MySql.  Along with data, reporting is another very important component of most business applications.  Let us show you the many options for Reporting, operational Dashboards, or the types of things that you can do with existing tools like Microsoft Excel.

Tools of the trade

For those technical people reading, we use the latest version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio.  For the desktop, we prefer to develop WPF/Silverlight applications using the latest MVVM development patterns and practices.  C# is our development language of choice, but many of us have experience with Visual Basic and many other programming/scripting languages.  For the web we like ASP.Net or .Net MVC to build robust, secure and scalable web applications.  Some additional mentions would be PHP, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, and various frameworks.   As in any technical field, we use the tools that best serve the job at hand.

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