About Us

We call ourselves “Software Developers” and we strive to be dog gone good ones. For the past 15 plus year’s we’ve been developing software applications for all types of businesses and all types of tasks. Today, software development covers a wide field and multiple skill sets.  We continue to learn, to practice our craft, and to gain valuable experience with each new job.  Our goal is still the same, to deliver the best we can for our clients.

We develop applications that can run on all the modern devices that are in use today. We b20130505_154100uild desktop applications, that are often connected to a database on the back-end. We also develop websites and web based applications that run on today’s mobile computers, tablets and phones.  Using the latest development techniques and tools we build applications that are designed to fulfill our client’s needs.

Design and innovation are also an important part of the process now.  It’s no longer good enough to just have an application that meets the function requirements, so we pay great attention to how the user interface is designed, how it will behave on new touch devices such as cell phones and tablets, and customer requirements such as, multilingual and special needs requirements.

We’re located in the beautiful city of London, Ontario Canada, but in this business, geographical boundaries don’t matter much anymore, so we are able to work for pretty much anyone, anywhere in the world.  We can develop and deliver to your server or desktop, or let us manage the hosting and maintenance from our own facilities.

To discuss your next project, contact Patrick O’Donnell